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Vision & Mission

Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our vision

We want to help young people and communities in India by giving them jobs and skills that will help them succeed. We aim to create a framework for teaching skills that will last a lifetime, including teaching skills in schools, offering short and long-term training courses, providing jobs, and helping people advance in their careers. Our organization, GSEPF , is part of a larger mission to reduce the gap between job demand and the skills people have. We provide training in areas such as healthcare, beauty, tailoring, and computer skills. We also focus on other issues like legal aid, education, and healthcare. Our goal is to support the weaker and disadvantaged parts of society by providing targeted skill development programs and working with private businesses to help create job opportunities. We hope to make a significant contribution to improving the skill level of people in India by promoting private sector initiatives and funding skill development programs.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide skill development training to people in both rural and urban areas through partnerships with other non-governmental organizations. We believe that everyone should have equal access to education, skill development, and entertainment, and be able to use their abilities to their fullest potential. We want to reduce the gap between job demand and the skills people have, especially with the high unemployment rate in India. We believe that launching a world-class skills development program will address this challenge.

One of our priorities is to train young people in training centers, as there is a low value associated with these programs. This is particularly important for private training providers who struggle with paid models of training. We want to work closely with government agencies to ensure that necessary support is provided, especially in the states. We hope to judge our success in bringing together the private sector and government's agenda as soon as possible.

Our organization's main objectives are sustainable change through learning and skill development, improving business productivity, and enhancing youth employment and entrepreneurship. We also focus on activities like legal aid, tuition classes, healthcare awareness campaigns, and health clinics for the development of society and the country.

Our Values

It is great to see that the Bhartiya Shikha Kaushal Vikas Charitable Trust through its GSEPF  program is working towards promoting skill development in India. The Foundation has started with offering various courses in paramedical fields, beautician, tailoring, embroidery, basic computer, tally, web designing, spoken English, and mobile repairing. By providing funding and enabling support systems for quality assurance and instructor training, the GSEPF acts as a catalyst in skills development. The foundation's focus on sustainable change through learning and skill development, improving business productivity, and enhancing youth employment and entrepreneurship is commendable.

In addition to skill development, the Foundation is also involved in other activities such as legal assistance, tuition classes, community awareness campaigns, and health clinics. By enabling under-developed youth to attain gainful employment through education and skill development initiatives, the foundation is making a positive impact on society. It is encouraging to see that the foundation is providing opportunities for people across India to develop their skills and talents, especially for those who cannot afford expensive courses in institutions.

It is noteworthy that the foundation is also working in several fields such as education and literacy, children disaster management, micro small and medium enterprises, agriculture, women and child development, environment and forests, rural development, and vocational training. It is heartening to see that the foundation plans to expand its efforts and implement its programs in other areas in the coming days. Overall, the Bhartiya Shikha Kaushal Vikas Charitable Trust is making a significant contribution towards skill development and improving the lives of people in India.